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digital futures | April 24, 2024

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Workshop 01: hello, 3D Printing

Workshop 01: hello, 3D Printing

| On 03, Feb 2014

Digital Futures Workshop Series
Spring 2014

Pratt Institute
School of Undergraduate Architecture

Workshop 01
hello, 3D Printing

Location: HHS 111
Date + Time: 2014.02.08, 2-4pm
Conductor: Sebastian Misiurek + Scott Sorenson

This workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of 3D Printing, explaining the process and preparation needed to go from digital 3D model to physical 3D printed object. We will cover history, information, options available, and best practices for modeling, preparation and output.

Requirements: Participants are required to bring a laptop with Rhino installed.

Questions or Comments: Please contact us at –

Downloads: Please download workshop files before the start of the workshop.

df_Workshop01_Sp14_0208_3dprinting LECTURE PDF

df_Workshop01_Sp14_0208_3dprinting RHINO FILE

Workshop_01 poster PDF