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digital futures | April 24, 2024

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Workshop 03: Porous Envelopes

Workshop 03: Porous Envelopes

| On 01, Mar 2017

Digital Futures Workshop Series
Spring 2017

Pratt Institute
School of Undergraduate Architecture

Workshop 03
Porous Envelopes
Blurring the boundaries between Rhino and Revit

Location: HHS 111
Date + Time: Sun, 2017.03.05, 12-3pm
Instructors: Leland Jobson, Benjamin Howes, Anthony Buccellato

Description: This workshop will introduce students to the challenges and opportunities afforded by a workflow that enables interoperability between Rhino and Revit. A series of fast paced exercises will demonstrate how to set up Rhino and Revit files for effective interoperability, how to pipe geometric data back and forth between the two platforms, and how to use Revit’s parametric modeling and analysis features to embed grasshopper-like behavior into BIM elements in Revit.

Requirements: Participants are required to bring a laptop with Rhino 5.0 installed on their laptops and download and install the latest version of Grasshopper and following software.

Rhino 5.0
Revit 2017

Questions or Comments: Please contact us at –

Downloads: Please download workshop files before the start of the workshop.