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digital futures | February 27, 2024

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Workshop 04: Virtual Reality

Workshop 04: Virtual Reality

| On 02, Mar 2016

Digital Futures Workshop Series
Spring 2016

Workshop 04
Virtual Reality
Immersive Imagery + Capture to Simulation

Location: HHS 111
Date + Time: Sat, 2016.03.05, 12-3pm
Conductor: Scott Sorenson

The workshop will introduce a workflow for capture, simulation, production, post processing and upload of virtual reality content – imagery – via the Maxwell rendering platform and adobe software.

The content will be viewable through across all hardware – headset – devices, most notably, google cardboard devices which will be demonstrated during the workshop.

We will cover topics of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Web hosted Content, Interactivity as well as various rendering techniques and post processing techniques.

Rhino 5.0, Maxwell Render, Adobe Photoshop

Laptop, Smart Phone optional

Participants are required to bring a laptop with Rhino 5.0 and Maxwell installed. A smartphone is also recommended, but not needed.

Questions or Comments: Please contact us at –

Downloads: Please download workshop files before the start of the workshop. (will be available on 03/05)

Workshop Files

01 Capture

02 Simulation

03 Composite

04 Hosting