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digital futures | May 29, 2024

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Workshop 04: Weaverbirds / Kangaroos

Workshop 04: Weaverbirds / Kangaroos

| On 15, Oct 2013

Digital Futures Workshop Series
Fall 2013

Pratt Institute
School of Undergraduate Architecture

Workshop 04

Location: HHS 111
Date + Time: 2013.10.19, 12-3pm
Conductor: Ben Hait + Sebastian Misiurek

Description: This workshop will feature Grasshopper plug-ins Weaverbird and Kangaroo. Which will look at working with meshes in Rhino and getting smooth geometrical results with subdivision, mesh relaxation, optimization of form and interactive simulations using the live physics engine.

The following grasshopper plug-ins will be covered:

Weaverbird – Weaverbird is a topological modeler that contains many of the known subdivision and transformation operators, readily usable by designers. Instead of doing the work repeatedly, or sometimes using complicated scripts, this plug-in reconstructs the shape, subdivides any mesh, even made by polylines, and helps preparing for fabrication.

Kangaroo Physics – Kangaroo is a Live Physics engine for interactive simulation, optimization and form-finding directly within Grasshopper.

MeshEdit – Meshedit is a set of components which extend Grasshopper’s ability to work with meshes.

Requirements: Participants are required to bring a laptop with the following software installed:

Questions or Comments: Please contact us at –

Downloads: Please download workshop files before the start of the workshop.

df_Workshop 04_Fa13_1019_Weaverbirds + Kangaroos FILES

Workshop 04 – poster PDF