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digital futures | April 24, 2024

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Workshop 03: Landscapes

Workshop 03: Landscapes

| On 28, Sep 2017

Digital Futures Workshop Series
Fall 2017

Pratt Institute
School of Undergraduate Architecture

Workshop 03
Topography and Site Strategies

Location: HHS 111
Date + Time: Sun, 2017.10.01, 12-3pm
Instructor: Sebastian Misiurek

Description: This workshop will focus on how to generate and control surfacing methods dealing with topography. Emphasis will be placed on techniques encouraging an accurate and iterative workflow ranging from digital to physical outputs. This workshop is developed specifically for 2nd year UA design studio, with the site in Staten Island.

Rhino 5

Requirements: Participants are required to bring a laptop with Rhino 5.0 installed on their laptops with a power strip or extension cords.

Questions or Comments: Please contact us at –

Downloads: Please download workshop files before the start of the workshop.

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